Welcome to The New York Bear Den






AnthonyBD Cake

Our Member, Anthony celebrated his birthday at
our May's Bear Den meeting
and brought a Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake
made by his dad!
Happy Birthday Anthony!





At our June meeting we will be celebrating
We will have munchy snacks and soda, juices, tea, coffee
and friendly hairy guys looking to make new friends
over card or board games and getting to know each other!

The nominal door fee is $7 (if we have 20 paying members, everyone will receive a $2 refund at departure!).
We will have a drawing for door prizes.

The New York Bear Den
was established in 2009 to fulfill a void in the New York City Bear Community.
Bears are social creatures, therefore we have created
"The New York Bear Den"!
We provide a hate-free, alcohol-free, attitude-free space
to socialize once a month where you can sit back, relax, chat, play games,
and make friends with woofy guys of all ages (18+), races, types and interests.

We also occasionally schedule other activities giving members
the opportunity to socialize such as movie nights, dining out,
parties (may include alcohol as well as other beverages),
and participating in other events with other organizations
to promote NY Bear Den and raise awareness of our existence,
such as Pride events, fundraisers, etc.

The Bear Den welcomes ALL MEN (of ALL colors!) that identify themselves as "bears"!
(A "bear", in our definition of the word, is a gay, bisexual or transgendered man
with an average to large build, who may or may not have body hair and/or
facial hair, a typically rugged (butch) demeanour, a tempered maturity
and an optional interest in leather.
NOTE: This includes those typically known as "cubs", "chubs", "chasers",
and their male admirers, regardless of their own particular attributes
or physical qualities).

Participants are encouraged to bring cards and board games.

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